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2010- RTG Dance at the Fasseas White Box Studo Theater - Menomonee Boys & Girls Club- Chicago, IL

2009- RTG Dance at Hamlin Park-@ the Chicago Moving Company's Hamlin Park theater- Chicago, IL- December 17 &18

2009 - Fours on Tour- Brooklyn Arts Exchange- Brooklyn, NY June 12-14

2008- Fours: New Quartets & Solos
by RTG Dance- Links Hall - Chicago, IL Oct.31-Nov.2

2007- Once Removed: Peripeteia evening length work by Rachel Thorne Germond- Links Hall- Chicago, IL

2007-Tragic Flawless: choreography by Rachel Thorne Germond and Asimina Chremos- Silverspace- Chicago, IL

2006-Work in Progess: RTG Dance & Thread Meddle Outfit- Locus- Chicago, IL

2006- RTG Dance: In Progress- w. guest artist Barbara Mahler- Links Hall- Chicago, IL

2005- Splendor- an evening of dances by Rachel Thorne Germond- Links Hall- Chicago, IL

2005- Wonder: Collected Dances by Rachel Thorne Germond - Links Hall - Chicago, IL

2004 - Ponder: Iconorama and Other Dances by Rachel Thorne Germond - Links Hall - Chicago, IL

2004 - New and Old(er) Dances by Rachel Thorne Germond - Williamsburg Art NeXus (WAX) - Brooklyn, NY

2004 - Rachel Thorne Germond & Rebecca Rossen - Links Hall - Chicago, IL

2002 - Transfer - Rachel Thorne Germond & Barbara Mahler - Links Hall - Chicago, IL

2001 - Eye - Rachel Thorne Germond & Catherine Hourihan - Chashama - New York, NY

2000 - Assemblage - Rachel Thorne Germond & James Hansen-Merce Cunningham Studio - New York, NY

1999 - Coup - Rachel Thorne Germond, James Hansen & Matthew Brookoff - Merce Cunningham Studio - New York, NY

1998 - Diptych of Loneliness and Love - Dances by Rachel Thorne Germond - Merce Cunningham Studio - New York, NY

1998 - Uneasy Virtues - Rachel Thorne Germond & David Alan Harris - Joyce Soho - New York, NY

1997 - Rachel Thorne Germond & Deborah Kayton - Context Studios - New York, NY

1996 - Brookoff & Germond - RTG & Matthew Brookoff - Merce Cunningham Studio - New York, NY

1995 - Goblin Market - Rachel Thorne Germond - Merce Cunningham Studio - New York, NY

1994 - Solos and Duets by Rachel Thorne Germond - Merce Cunningham Studio - New York, NY


February 12 - 92nd Street Y - Sundays at Three- Barbara Mahler and Guests
April - Performatica Festival - Puebla Mexico
April - UDT Spring Dance Concert - Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA
June 22-24- Chicago IL - Links Hall- Rachel Thorne Germond and Friends


NOVEMBER 13-16, 2011
All shows at 8pm & Saturday matinee at 2pm
Old Dominion University Faculty Dance Concert
University Dance Theater 49th st. & Hampton Blvd. Norfolk, VA -
-RTG Dance will be showing a solo choreographed by Rachel Thorne Germond and danced by Megan Thompson.

Mnemonic (Under the Rainbow)
is a short solo about the experience of having a memory of a specific place. It is slow moving at times and at others shifts into restlessness with quick precise movements. Critic Laura Molzahn of the Chicago Reader described this solo as Òa perfect balance of reserve and emotionÓ.
Choreography: Rachel Thorne Germond
Performer: Meghan Thompson (Associate Prof. at ODU)
Music: Wonderland Falling

August 1 - Dixon Place HOT Festival - Dixon Place- New York, NY - RTG performs solo "Look at Me" (3 parts)August 1 - choreographed and performed by Rachel Thorne Germond with music by Insook Choi, Wagner, Camille Saint-Saens, Nakamura. Poetry by Adrienne Rich. Video Projection by Lehcar Dnomreg.

April 13 - 17 - Old Dominion University -Spring Dance Concert -University Theater - Hampton Blvd. Norfolk, VA
performed double casts of ODU students doing Enough!! (excerpts from 2009 version)

3/23-25 - American College Dance Festival- ACDF - @ Elon University Elon, NC. (representing Old Dominion University)
(performed Enough!! set on 5 ODU students (reworked excerpts from Quartet B (Enough!)(2009)

Encuentro Internacional de Danza Teatro - Duoc UC Chile 2011 - Santiago Chile
RTG performs FRAME (2010) & teaches tech. classes


11/17-20 Old Dominion University - UDT Fall Dance Concert-(faculty and guest artists) University Theater- Norfolk, VA
excerpts from A Wild Patience Has Taken Me This Far - set on 5 ODU students

8/30 & 9/1 - Old Dominion University- University Theater- Hampton Blvd. & 46th St., Norfolk, VA
RTG performed FRAME (2010) in faculty concert


12/3 Girlie Q Variety Hour- invited guest artist (guest "star") - Holiday Show- Chicago, IL

11/14 the Goose! show #3 - benefit for RTG dance w. invited guests- Outerspace - Chicago, IL

10/10 Chicago Calling Festival -Epiphany Episcopal Church- Chicago, IL - Na Zhom Bwa!

7/ 12 Epiphany Dance Experiment- curated by Ayako Kato-
Epiphany Episcopal Church- Chicago, IL- Not About Elvis Dance

4/23 the Goose! show #2 - fundraiser for RTG Dance with invited guests- Mary's Attic- Chicago, IL


12/20 the Goose! Show
#1 Silverspace - Chicago, IL

10/7 Chicago Calling Festival - Avaerie- Chicago, IL - Na Zhom Bwa! (Look at Me)

7/17 Hot Festival! - Dixon Place-New York, NY- Wallflower- choreographed by Barbara Mahler.

5/10 Tea Dances- New York, NY- RTG dances in Wallflower, choreographed by Barbara Mahler.

4/25 Queertopia! A Queer Burlesque Show - Northwestern University- Chicago, IL (Do It Again)

3/5-9 Soaking Wet Series - West End Theater - NYC- RTG dances in Barbara Mahler's work.


9/1 Joie de Vivre- Chicago, IL- an evening of dance and art in relationship to Hurricane Katrina (excerpt of Tragic Dance)

5/16 & 18 Estrogen Festival- Prop Theater- Chicago, IL (Double Judy)

5/11 Looptopia!-Chase Tower Auditorium- Chicago, IL (Double Judy)

4/11 Thaw: a benefit for Links Hall- Sonoteque- Chicago, IL (invited guest artist)

3/15 & 23 Full Circle Festival of Danztheatre-Hamllin Park Fieldhouse- Chicago, IL- (Double Judy)

1/26, 2/23, 3/25 Girlie Q Variety Hour- Hothouse-Chicago, IL ( Joan's Revenge)


Movement Research at Judson Church About Town Series- Dance Theater Workshop- New York, NY

Warriors and Queens-
Northwestern University Dept. of Performance Studies- Evanston, IL

Girlie Q Variety Hour
curated by JT Newman- Hothouse- Chicago, IL (Jan, Feb, March, June)

Full Circle Festival of Danztheatre- Hamlin Park Fieldhouse- Chicago, IL

Around the Coyote Fall Dance Festival
- Vittum Theater- Chicago, IL

2006 Stockyards Women's Performance Art Festival - Links Hall- Chicago, IL

Crossing Boundaries - curated by Marcia Monroe- Dixon Place- New York, NY


Girlie Q Variety Show curated by JT Newman - Hothouse - Chicago, IL

Girlie Q Variety Show
curated by JT Newman at PAC/Edge Festival - the Athenaeum Theatre- Chicago, IL

Full Circle- A Fesival of Danztheatre -
Glade Memorial Hall - Chicago, IL


Rebel Princesses - Stockyards Theater Annual Women's Performance Art Festival - Chicago, IL

International Drag King Extravaganza - Brunch at the Hothouse - Chicago, IL

Around the Coyote Dance Festival - Vittum Theater - Chicago, IL

Winter All Girl Revue - Bailiwick Theater - Chicago, IL

Girlie Q Variety Show - Hothouse - Chicago, IL

BAX First Weekends Performance Series - Brooklyn Arts Exchange - Brooklyn, NY


Around the Coyote Winter Dance Festival - Chicago Actor's Studio - Chicago, IL

Dixon Place - Underexposed - Dixon Place - New York, NY

Ladyfest Philly - Community Education Center (CEC) and Transit nightclub - Philadelphia, PA

FUSE Festival - Body Blend - HERE Arts Center - New York, NY

SWEAT - Dance Series - Stevens Institute of Technology - Hoboken, NJ

Barbara Mahler, Leslie Satin & Rachel Thorne Germond - The Construction Company - New York, NY


Dixon Place - Words n. Motion - curated by Paula Hunter - New York, NY

Motivity - A Choreographers Showcase - Links Hall - Chicago, IL

Motivity - Preview Performance - Harold Washington Library - Chicago, IL

Fieldtrips - Links Hall - Chicago, IL

Queer @ Here Festival - HERE Arts Center - New York, NY (Object Dances)

Feast of Fools Cabaret - Ha Mien Restaurant - Chicago, IL

Bedtime Stories Cabaret - Wicker Park loft - Chicago, IL (Viva Las Elvis)

Museum of Contemporary Art - The Chicago Kings - Chicago, IL

Bitch & Animal & Chicago Kings Show - The Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL (Evil Elvis)

Chance Dance - Links Hall - Chicago, IL

Spare Room Annual Group Show - The Spare Room - Chicago, IL (Object Dances)

Around The Coyote Fall Arts Festival - Pulaski Park Theater - Chicago, IL (5 Marilyns)

SPIN Nightclub - Chicago Kings Show - Chicago, IL

Stockyards Theater Performance Art Festival - Links Hall - Chicago, IL

Chicago Kings - Day of the Dead Show - Ha Mien Restaurant - Chicago, IL

Dance Chicago! Dance Slam - Athenaeum Theater - Chicago, IL

Winter All Girl Revue - Lesbian Theater Initiative - Bailiwick Theater - Chicago, IL

Feast of Fools Cabaret - Ha Mien Restaurant - Chicago, IL


fFIDA - Fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists-Buddies in Bad Times Theater -Toronto, Canada

Dance Chicago Dance Slam! - Athenaeum Theater Chicago, IL

Dixon Place- Underexposed - New York, NY

Dance Collective - Carol Nolte- Merce Cunningham Studio - New York, NY

Performances with Tasha Taylor - Working in the Kitchen- the Kitchen, New York, NY


Pretty: a Performance Art Piece (Dir. by Rachel Reynolds) - Armory Free Theater - Urbana, IL

Studiodance I - UIUC - Krannert Center for the Performing Arts - Studio Theater- Urbana, IL

Voices in Ruins - Collaboration with Insook Choi - Krannert Art Museum - Urbana, IL

A solo in the style of Anna Teresa DeKeersmaeker - UIUC - Krannert Center Showing - Urbana, IL

Photo: Rejoinder- 1999- Rachel Thorne Germond and Tasha Taylor
at Sweat Series, Stevens Institute of Tech. , NJ


Drive-In - Site Specific Performance Art Work - Krannert Center Parking Garage - Urbana, IL

Studio Dance III - Krannert Center for Performing Arts - Studio Theater - Urbana, IL

Fieldwork - Links Hall - Chicago, IL

Deli Dances - a Chashama Production on W.42nd Street - New York, NY

An Informal Showcase curated by Claire Porter - Columbia University Teacher's College - New York, NY

Gradworks Dance Concert I - Krannert Dance Studio - Urbana, IL

Not Yet Known - shared concert w Cameron Jarret & Rachel Grater - The Armory Free Theater - Urbana, IL

An Improvisational Event in Honor of John Cage - Directed by Prof. Rebecca Nettl-Fiol - Krannert Art Museum - Urbana, IL


fFIDA - fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists - Buddies in Bad Times Theater - Toronto, Canada

Table - Art in Context - Site-Specific Work - Krannert Center of Performing Arts - foyer of Playhouse Theater Urbana, IL

Dixon Place - UnderExposed - Curated by Shannon Hummel - New York, NY

Gradworks Dance Concert - UIUC Krannert Center For Performing Arts - Urbana, IL

Photo: Dishette- 1998 Joyce Soho- NYC- Veronica Dittman and Tasha Taylor


Dixon Place

New York International Fringe Festival



Festival- Philadelphia, PA

fFIDA - Toronto, CA


Movement Research at Judson Church - New York, NY

Movement Research Open Performance


Group Motion Studio Series- Philadelphia, PA

92nd St. Y- Fridays at Noon Series- 92nd St. YMCA- New York, NY



Food for Thought curated by Tere O'Connor-Danspace at St. Marks Church- New York, NY


the Knitting Factory Dance Series

the Gowanus Arts Exchange (now BAX)

the Performance Zone Festival



Fieldwork- Dia Art Foundation (now the Joyce Soho) , New York, NY (3 Elvises)


Fieldwork- Dia Art Foundation (now the Joyce Soho) , New York, NY - (5 Marilyns)

* * * * *



Other Companies/Artists Rachel Thorne Germond has performed with:

Barbara Mahler Dances- duet Wallflower-New York, NY- Soaking Wet at West End Theater, Tea dances, the Hot Festival! at Dixon Place.

Asimina Chremos- duet2-Silverspace- Chicago,IL

Asimina Chremos- duet2- Links Hall, Chicago IL.

Carol Nolte/Dance Collective New York, NY. Merce Cunningham Studio company performances and teaching workshops.

Tasha Taylor- Working in the Kitchen- New York, NY. Duet performed May 23 & 24 at the Kitchen.

David Hurwith-Northampton, MA participated in development and performance of group work involving structured improvisation in performance.

Festival 2000 UIUC Dept. of Dance- Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (KCPA) PlayhouseTheater. Urbana, IL. Performed choreography by Susan Marshall (Arms) and Jawole Willa Jo Zollar(BitterTongue)

Yoshika Chuma and the School of Hard Knocks-New York, NY. Dancespace at St. Mark's Church Silver Series. Performed in group work.

Deborah Riley- Musical Theaterworks, New York, NY-Trio. Part My Hair

Dana Salisbury and Dancers, Soho Repertory Theater, New York, NY.- . Smith College, Northampton,MA. -The Meandering Line -( a solo from the evening length work, DAM.)

Andrew Marcus at theDia Art Foundation, ContextStudios,The Knitting Factory, New York , NY-Transferent Abess (duet).

Fay Simpson Dance Theater with the Manhattan Class Company Off-Broadway Dance Theater Production, New York, NY.- D-Train -Directed by Robert Lupone.

Roseanne Spradlin
Dia Art Foundation, New York, NY. Aria 1991-96

Nuria Olive-Belles Choreography and Film Projects, New York, NY. - The Bulls at the Ball- PS 122, The Kitchen. Film Projects:Down the Drain (1992) & Touch (1996).

Pedro Alejandro & Dancers New York, NY. Founding Company Member. S&M, Coming Through the Rye.

American Dance Asylum Binghamton,NY. Lois Welk with Michael DiFonzo -The Train Station Dance

Additional Projects and Collaborations during 1990-2000: Insook Choi, Julie Farstad, Nancy Topf, Fiona Marcotty, Bob Dambrowsky, Patricia Coleman, Deborah Kayton.

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